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Hey, I’m chocolatte. This look for my site is WIP, if you see this you shouldnt be here lol.


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HTML, CSS, general computerey stuff, tf2


Jack Stauber, Lemon Demon, Sodikken


JJBA, Demon Slayer



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2021/10/7 :hello world

2021/07/31 : Seeing as everything will be vaporised when the sun blows up, i really dont know why i even have this website? Also I have been investing in crypto lately.

2021/07/17 : A couple days ago i got the vac and my arm hurts and im really sick but otherwise im feeling great. Also I got level 100 in fortnite. Im sad because I might move but im going to one of the biggest places for computer science and engineering. Speaking of engineers I got an idea to make a irl dispenser from TF2

2021/07/11 : Hey. Its 7/11. Strangely, empty maps in some game make me feel really depressed. Theyre just so eerie, like wet dry world in SM64 and a Gmod map thats empty, with just you. Its like the backrooms, theres only you, and there may be something lurking around.

2021/06/27 : Please excuse me for the brief haitus for the past week. I thought about making this site on mobile but its really meant for computers and im working on a new surprise article. The reason i was gone was because I graduated middle school and also for a mental health break. I have been playing a TON of TF2. This is my steam link:

About me!

Im 14, I like to code, and I go by He\They pronouns.

People to hang out with me:

People who like to code, play cookie run, or TF2, also nice people. I also would like to be friends with Undertale\Deltarune fans and artists.